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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

1. Increase Sales Through Demonstration

Simplifying your focus at an exhibition is a good idea and this booth concept made reality helps to highlight the security products that are on display by the vendor.

Why it works: this simple but effective demonstration shows that the powerful security camera can capture details at speed as well as having great zooming capabilities.

2. Hand Out Custom Swag

Handing out swag is a classic trade show booth idea. By letting attendees put their own unique stamp on your merchandise, you decrease the probability that it will end in the trash. Bring a Embosser on site to make journals, tote bags, etc. Let the visitor choose from a few design options and colors.

Why it works: people like getting free stuff, of course, but they especially like it when they can say they had a hand in designing it.

Bonus tip: by giving your visitors choices, you’ll ensure that your goodies are shared on social media and with friends.

3. Keep Them There Longer with Awesome Ambiance

Why it works: it keeps attendees at the booth longer and allows them to spend some time above the crowd.

Bonus tip: create artisanal cocktails or mocktails to further differentiate your booth from the competition. Serve each one in a souvenir cup.

4. Hook with Live Engraver, Embosser, or Calligrapher

Having a live band on the trade show floor is not always feasible, but some entertainers can easily blend in your booth. For example, hire an Embosser to create personalized embossed leather journals, an engraver to personalize tumblers or bottles, or a calligrapher to personalize all types of paper media. A live event artist draws people to your booth, and keeps them engaged with your product.

Why it works: it’s difficult not to get hooked by a talented artist, and people love to see their "names in lights". Personalized SWAG are items people love to bring back home.


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