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Why You Need an Engraving, Embossing or Calligraphy Artist at Your Next Conference Booth

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Creating a compelling conference booth can be tough competition. Hundreds of vendors compete for participants’ time and attention. During a busy conference, that can mean the countless hours your marketing team put into a conference booth’s design and giveaway items could have a less-than-intended impact.

Live Artists are the solution to that trade show floor struggle. They’ll have people flocking to your booth and even coming back for more the next day. Embossing, engraving, or live calligraphy can be incorporated into a booth’s design in so many ways. They can be the main attraction or one element to your display.

Live engraving, embossing, and calligraphy activations draw people into your conference or trade show booth

For the American Society of Hematology Conference Bristol Meyers-Squibb booth, we engraved custom cut pieces of acrylic butterflies to honor with the names of patients who had passed from a blood cancer. These butterflies were then displayed across the tradeshow floor. . Passersby were amazed to see Carla Hagan working live, engraving acrylic butterflies, which pulled them into the booth. They could read all about Bristol Meyers-Squibb offerings, and chat with representatives from the company. Visuals engage the emotional processing part of our brain, so they’re better suited towards exciting people about your brand than standard conference booth displays.

Engage with social media

It’s common for conferences and organizations to employ hashtags to engage with participants on social media during events. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images . It can be a struggle to engage with people on social media when content is a bit dry, so when we’re engraving at a conference booth, people love to snap a picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The more we personalize, the more your ideas are shared with the world!

Your ideas will outlast the conference

Our clients love personalized SWAG. Our artists engage audiences live, and personalize branded SWAG to create lasting memories. Personalized gifts are perfect for sharing long after the conference has ended. We remember 80 percent of what we see, but only 10 percent of what we hear. If you want to remind participants about your brand, make sure you’ve got visual notes to make that connection.


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