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Brand Activations Artists what they are and why they are important to your Brand

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Brand Activation Specialists, those folks responsible for promoting brands to the public are always looking for new ways to engage their customers and make long lasting connections for the brands they represent.

Personalization events are by far one of the most popular ways to engage a customer, create a memorable experience, and have the customer leave the event educated about the brand, and carrying a branded and personalized product.

How many times have you been to a trade show, retail event, conference, or simply walking through the mall, and seen someone carrying a water bottle, bag, journal, notebook, or other cool item and asked them where they got it. The activation just worked, another customer was attracted by the item, directed to the booth to get the item they seek, and be exposed to the brand. An opportunity to educate and sell was created for the brand representative, and the new customer will now be carrying around that cool item for others to see, envy and ask about.

A brand activation is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. The key goal of these sorts of campaigns is to get consumers to act, to sign up for a service, market for, or buy a product. Brand Activations are all about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections.

On site brand activations involving artists who are both experts in their field and can talk about the product they are representing are a win for all involved. Customers interest is captured by the art; engraving, calligraphy, embossing, painting, or writing, allowing the artist themselves or brand representative the chance to sell the product while the product is being personalized.

A well rehearsed, 30 second sales pitch, often delivered while engraving a bottle or personalizing an item is key for promoting the brand. Customers leave with both a special gift and educated about the brand presented.

I have converted countless sales through this 30 second approach. During spirits engravings, I have watched customers approach my table carrying a bottle of brand X to be engraved, only to return it to the shelf and select the brand I am representing because they have been educated about the brand and introduced to a new opportunity.

There are countless opportunities for artists to participate in brand activations. Calligrapher, engraver, embosser, painter, or lettering artist, the opportunities are all around you. Brand activation artists can often earn $125 or more per hour for their work and skill. The challenge is discovering the brand, contacting the right person in the company, pitching your idea, and closing the sale. In the past three years, I have converted a chance discussion with a person (now a dear friend) buying a bunk bed from me into an strong revenue stream of brand activations and referrals.

Carla Hagan Designs


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